Have confidence in your robot motions with 
Realtime Robotics’ autonomous motion planning platform

Autonomously choreograph robot movements

Realtime’s AI-driven and edge-computing technology allows multiple robots to work collision-free side-by-side.

Realtime Controller

Essentially, a universal translator, generating motion plans for up to 4robots simultaneously.

Seamlessly integrates with vertical applications, like 3D vision, PLCs and grasping.

RapidPlan Software

AI core optimally plans all robots’ movements.

Synchronized digital twin and run-time cell specifications.

Autonomous Motion Planning Automated Programming Digital Twin Verification Edge-Computing Machine Learning Simulation Robot Motions


  • Validate operations digitally

    Shorten valuable implementation time with early detection and correction of potential errors through our simulation software.

  • Automate motion plans

    Realtime’s solution is designed to set up path segments, then automatically package software within minutes.

  • Maximize cycle uptime

    Quickly adapt or react in case of emergency or when an e-stop button is pressed. Technicians can return a robot to its home position with a few simple clicks.

Use Case

  • Logistics

    Pick and place

  • Automotive


  • Electronics

    Bin Picking
    Machine Tending