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Seminars and Exhibitions

Online seminars and web-based exhibitions of products/technologies are now available to e-NEXTY members. Archives of past seminars and exhibitions are also available!

Latest technical information
Next Technologies

We deliver the latest technology collected by our own network.



Latest Product Information
New Products

We will provide you with the latest information on products handled by Nexty Electronics.



Design support tools

Electronics and block diagram design

Amplifier design for high frequency

Problem solving support

Support services provided by Nexty Electronics

PCB design/Simulation analysis

We offer optimal engineering services tailored to each customer's needs through collaboration between UTI's technological capabilities and NEXTY Electronics's technical commercial products.

#Thermal and Noise Countermeasures #Shortening of development time #Cost saving

Quality support

We provide quality support in accordance with customer requirements, from component qualification activities to market failure inspection, screening to initial failure analysis, failure analysis, quality reliability evaluation, and memory programming.

#Quality assessment and analysis #Memory programming


We provide total support for manufacturing in a wide range of fields, including automobiles, home appliances, OA equipment, information and telecommunications equipment, industrial equipment, and power electronics, by demonstrating our functions as a general electronics trading company.

#Business model creation #Manufacturing Support