Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

■Membership Registration/Modification/Login

  How much does it cost to register?

It is free to register for membership.

  Can I use your services without registering as a member?

 If you want to use some of our functions and services, you need to register as a new member (free) and get an ID and password.

  (If you register, you will be able to use various services, so please register for membership.)

  Can I use a free email address for membership registration?

  You cannot register with a free email address. Please apply using the email address obtained from the domain of your company/organization.

  I haven't received the email required for official registration...

  Please check to see if there is any mistake in your registered email address. Also, there is a possiblity that the email has been sent to your spam folder,

    so please check there as well. In addition, if you have specified the domain-specific reception settings,

     please change the settings so that you can receive emails from "" domain.

  I want to change my ID ...

  On this site, the email address is identified as ID and thus cannot be changed. Please note that if your email address has been changed,

    you will need to unsubscribe, and re-register (free) with your new email address to obtain your ID and password.

  I want to change my password...

 After logging in, you can change your password from “Change user information and password” in “My Page”.

  I want to change registered member information such as address and phone number...

 After logging in, you can change your member information from “Change user information and password” in “My Page”.

  I want to delete or cancel my membership registration...

  If you wish to withdraw, please contact us from “Application for withdrawal” in “My Page”. Also, please note that once you unsubscribed,

    All information such as registration information and history of various services will be deleted.

  Where can I click to log in/log out?

 You can log in/out from the login/logout icon in the upper header menu.

  I cannot log in...

  Please make sure there is no mistake in uppercase and lowercase letters, full-width and half-width characters, and check to see if there are any unnecessary spaces inserted,

    then enter your email address and password. If you are still unable to log in, please contact us from "Contact".

  I forgot my password...

  If you have forgotten your password, please check “Forgot your password?” in “Login/Member Registration Page”.

    Once you entered your email address and sent it, an email will be sent to your email address.

  I want to cancel Mail Magazine...

 You cannot cancel only the Mail magazine. Under Article 16 of the Membership Agreement, it shall be regarded as “membership cancellation”.

  Is my personal information protected?

 Please be assured that our company is working to protect your personal information under the utmost care

    and personal management based on our Privacy Policy.

■Component Search

  How many products are published? How many manufacturers?

 There are 120 manufacturers and 3 million products. ※As of August, 2019

  Are the supply status and data sheets of published products up-to-date?

 The manufacturer may configure other specifications and warnings in addition to the sent information.

    For these information, please either create a separate request, contact the manufacturer directly, or refer to the manufacturer's original information materials.

  Is there any plan to post environmental information (AIS/JAMA)?

 There is no plan at the moment, but we will consider it.

  Is there any plan to publish quality information or technical files such as PCN/EOL, pSpice or IBIS, etc.?

 There is no plan at the moment, but we will consider it.

  What is BOM (Bill of Materials) Batch Search?

  This function allows you to search and purchase multiple products at once.

■Block Diagrams

  How many block diagrams are currently public?

 There are 51 recommended block diagrams in 9 categories. ※As of August, 2019

  What is My Block Diagram?

 You can copy the block diagrams recommended by our company to My Page and edit them as you like.

    Of course, you can also create new block diagrams yourself.

  Is it possible to reflect the searched component information on block diagrams?

 You can search in a database of over 3 million components, register to block and refer to the characteristic data and datasheet in each block.

  What about the copyright of created block diagrams?

 The copyright of the information published in this service belongs to our company or the information provider.

    But the copyright of the block diagrams edited by a aember using this service belongs to the organization to which said member belongs. Furthermore, members can view and print the corresponding block diagrams on this website

    for the organization to which they belong only. For more details, please check the Membership Agreement.


  How can I contact your company?

 You can contact us from the Inquiry icon on the upper header menu and the lower footer menu.

  I haven't received a reply to my inquiry email...

 In principle, we will respond within 24 hours after receiving your inquiries, but it may take longer depending on the contents.

  Is there an operation manual?

 There is no operation manual, but instruction videos on how to use "Part Search" and "Block Diagram" are available.

  What kind of service is Nexty Chip One Stop?

 It is a service (※) that allows you to immediately purchase various semiconductor electronic components required for design and development.


 (※)This service is under the management of Chip One Stop, Inc.