■Membership Agreement

Article 1 (Terms of Service)

The membership agreement shown here (hereinafter referred to as “This Agreement”) set forth the terms between Nexty Electronics Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and customers (hereinafter referred to as the “Member” or “Members”) who uses the services provided by the Company under the brand name of “e-NEXTY” (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”).

Article 2 (Modification of this Agreement)

The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions when the Company deems necessary, without providing prior notice to Members. Furthermore, in these cases, the Service's terms of use shall be based on the modified Agreement. After their modification, the terms and conditions in this Agreement shall take effect from the time they are announced by the Company.

Article 3 (Membership registration)

Membership registration for the service shall be carried out in accordance with methods determined separately by the Company. Members shall be deemed to have agreed to the details of this membership agreement from the moment the Company consents to their enrollment. Members agree to the acquisition and use of registration information to the extent necessary for the Company to provide the Service.

Article 4 (Rejection of membership registration)

The Company can reject the membership registration of the applicant concerned, in case of any of the following reasons. The Company will not disclose the reason a membership registration has been rejected.
  • ・When concerns arise regarding violation of this Agreement, or when the Company has judged there is a violation of this Agreement
  • ・When all or part of the registration information provided to the Company contains falsehoods, significant errors, omissions and so on
  • ・When applicant has been punished with expulsion in the past for violating the membership agreement, etc.
  • ・Other cases when the Company has judged that membership registration is inappropriate, regardless of reason

Article 5 (Changes to registration information)

When a Member's personal registration information has changed, they shall promptly modify the corresponding information on My Page. The Company shall bear no responsibility if a Member has suffered from any disadvantage for not changing their information.

Article 6 (Responsibility for user name/password management)

The use and management of user names and passwords is the responsibility of the members themselves. Members are not to disclose, consent to use, loan, transfer, change names, sell, or by any other action that contains a security risk provide user names or passwords to third parties. The responsibility for losses arising from use of user names and passwords shall be borne by Members, and not by the Company. If Members discover the fact that their password has been lost, used fraudulently, or used by a third party, or that there is a danger of this, they shall immediately notify the Company of this.

Article 7 (Damage Compensation)

In cases where Members have caused damage to the Company or others through the use of this service, they shall bear the responsibility and costs of repaying said damages.

Article 8 (Copyrights)

The copyright of the information published in the Service belongs to either the Company or a third party (hereinafter referred to as " the information provider "). Members shall not engage in any acts that infringe copyrights, trademark rights, etc., such as reproduction, reuse, public transmission, transfer, adaptation and translation of the Company's work. The copyright of the block diagrams edited by a Member using the Service belongs to the organization to which said Member belongs. Furthermore, Members can view and print the corresponding block diagrams on this website for the organization to which they belong only.

Article 9 (Prohibitions)

While using the Service, Members must refrain from engaging in any of the following conduct. If the Company, at its own discretion, determines that any Member's conduct falls under any of the following, all or part of the applicable conduct can be suspended without prior notice, and any and all measures can be taken to remove concerned violations.
  • ・Infringement of copyrights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights of the Company or third parties
  • ・Infringement of the property, privacy or personality rights of third parties
  • ・Conduct that damages the reputation or trustworthiness of the Company, content providers for the Service, or other third parties
  • ・Alteration or erasure of information on the Company or third parties that is accessible through the Service
  • ・Disclosure of personal information to other Members or third parties
  • ・Conduct of impersonating another person to use the Service
  • ・Political or religious activities, or actions related to these, or actions contradictory to public order and morals
  • ・Use of the Company’s name without permission
  • ・Permitting use, loan, transfer, sale or other use of membership by third parties
  • ・Actions intended to interfere with the Service's operation
  • ・Actions opposed to the Service's purpose, or connected to criminal activities
  • ・Other actions that the Company deems inappropriate, regardless of reason

Article 10 (Change/termination of service)

The Company may enact changes to the details or name of the service without notifying Members beforehand. Furthermore, the Company shall bear no responsibility for damages caused to Members or third parties due to changes and so on, except for situations specifically determined in this membership agreement.

Article 11 (Interruption or suspension of service and contents)

If any of the following reasons apply, the Company may temporarily interrupt or suspend the Service and its contents (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Service and so on ") without notifying Members in advance.

Furthermore, even when the provision of the Service and so on has been delayed, interrupted or suspended due to any of the following or other reasons, the Company shall bear no responsibility for damages caused to Members or third parties, except for situations specifically determined in this membership agreement.
  • ・When the equipment, facilities, etc. utilized by the Service are undergoing regular or emergency maintenance
  • ・When the provision of the Service and so on becomes impossible due to fire, electricity outage, etc.
  • ・When the provision of the Service and so on becomes impossible due to earthquake, tsunami or other natural disaster
  • ・When the provision of the Service and so on becomes impossible due to war, riot, violence, labor strikes and so on
  • ・Other cases where temporary suspension of the Service and so on is deemed necessary due to practicality, technology or conditions at the Company

Article 12 (Equipment)

Members shall prepare all necessary hardware, software, consumables, etc., such as PCs and network to use the Service at their own expense.

Article 13 (Membership fee)

Membership is free.

Article 14 (Disclaimers)

The Company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages or damages resulting from the use of the Service. Our information is provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. It is the Members’ responsibility to judge all information they obtained from the Service, etc. The Company also disclaims all warranties with regard to the operation of any equipment or software that the Members use.

Article 15 (Unsubscription)

If a Member wants to unsubscribe, they can cancel their subscriptions on My Page. After finishing the cancellation process of our company, they will be unsubscribed.

Article 16 (Membership cancellation)

If any of the followings apply, the Company can temporarily suspend the use of the Service or remove membership without notifying Members beforehand.
  • ・When the Members have breached any of the prohibitions in Article 9 apply, or when any violations of this Agreement is identified
  • ・When there are falsehoods, major writing errors or omissions have been identified in all or part of the membership information provided to the Company
  • ・When the Members have hindered the operation of the Company and the Service
  • ・When the Members are providing an antisocial influence, or they are/have been connected to such an influence
  • ・When violations of laws or crimes have been committed or are in danger of being committed by the Members, or when they are suspected of being involved in a criminal case, thus making the reputation of the Company to be in danger of being damaged
  • ・Other cases where the Company judges the Member to be unfit
  • ・When the Members themselves wish to stop the delivery of e-mail magazines

Article 17 (Distribution of advertisements, e-mail magazines and surveys)

Members consent to the publication of advertisements on the Service, as well as the distribution of email magazines and surveys with published advertisements. Business conducted between Members and providers of the advertisements published on the Service, including in email magazines, shall be the responsibility of both parties. The Company shall bear no responsibility for losses due to the business conducted via advertisements published on the Service or in email magazines, or for losses due to the publication of advertisements itself.

Article 18 (Personal information)

The Company shall handle Members' personal information appropriately, based on the "Privacy Policy" posted separately online.

Article 19 (Governing law and Jurisdiction)

The use of the Service and the interpretation, application, etc. of any information of the Service or any of this Agreement shall be governed by the Japanese laws. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

Established on July 26, 2018