2D/3D LiDAR module provided in an All-in-One solution
Wide product range of 16ch, 32ch, 42ch, 128ch
LeiShen Intelligent System Co., Ltd. is a LiDAR module manufacturer founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, China. With more than 120 engineers and 2 plants in China, the company has an overwhelming share in the Chinese market with their LiDAR modules for industrial equipment.

Object Detection and 3D Mapping

Proximity Detection Object Detection Collision Prevention  3D Mapping

Product Line-up

  • 3D liDAR
    Hybrid solid-State

  • 3D liDAR
    C13, C32 lines lidar

  • 2D liDAR
    N301 Series navigation lidar

  • 2D liDAR
    W series Anti collision lidar



Low residual image and low noise with BLDC motor

We offer high quality and low cost with our advanced self-developed chip, assembled at our plant Long service life with non-contact power supply


Remarkable achievements in industrial applications

Use case

Obstacle detection and mapping

Operational even in darkness

 Able to detect cars, railway infrastructure

Enable obstacle detection and 3D mapping for transport machines, AGVs and forklifts

Company Information

LeiChen Intelligent System